White Cliffs of Dover
October 2006

One of the most recognisable icons of Britain, White Cliffs of Dover are best seen from the English Channel, from a ferry (unless of course, you are one of those few wealthy types who can afford to buy/rent a chopper - the airborne kind). White Cliffs are made from chalk tens of thousands of years ago, and they appear..er..white.

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Port of Dover as seen from the visitor centre

Dover Port - only 21 miles to Calais in France across the English Channel

It's us....ready to explore the Dover wilderness!

Trekking along...where are those white bloody cliffs?

Eagle-eyed Kavinda spots a piece of chalk, the building-blocks of the white cliffs.


Thilini and the cliffs.

Another view of the Dover Port

Many ferries operate between Dover and Calais in France and carries thousands of passengers and vehicles to and from the continent.

White Cliffs of Dover, as seen from the English Channel

(Image - courtesy of Wikipedia)

Another view of White Cliffs of Dover, as seen from the English Channel

(Image - courtesy of Wikipedia)

A ferry is closing in, after its 1-hour voyage from Calais, France

Do you see the sea?

To jump or not to jump? Yasiru & Kavinda analysing the pros & cons.

White cliffs in the background...and us in the foreground!

It's a straight drop of a few hundred feet from where we are to the port level

Magnificent landscape near White Cliffs

Its not a straight-forward path to success!

Western Heights, the old army garrison overlooking Dover Port.

Inside the magnificent Canterbury cathedral, Canterbury

Stained glass in Canterbury Cathedral

Caterbury Cathdral, one of the oldest and most famous structures of Britain, built in circa AD597

The majestic Canterbury Cathedral

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