Stonehenge Returns
July 2005

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Stonehenge Begins - November 2003

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Off to Stonehenge! Only hand-luggage are allowed in my car.

We are just enjoying being stuck in traffic.

And this is Stonehenge! (Again!)

Malith, our official photographer of all our recent trips

Stonehenge: another view. This monument is around 5000 years old, but nobody is sure why this was built in the first place.

Yet another view of Stonehenge, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the mankind.

Tee hee. It's us, listening to the audio guide.

Swans in Salisbury - about 15 miles off Stonehenge

Salisbury Cathedral - boasting the tallest church spire in the UK. It also has one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta.

Salisbury Cathedral - built in 1200 AD.

A stained-glass window of the cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral grounds.

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