Stonehenge, Wiltshire
November 2003

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We are on our way! A short break is essential after every two hours of monotonous driving on the Motorway

Anuradha & Ranjan couldn't decide who was going to foot the bill for drinks.

It's Anuradha & me on M3 - Motorway to South-West England. It is Autumn in the UK and the fall colours are spectacular.

Lalanga, Ranjan & me, enjoying yet another break

Why did the deer cross the road?

Stonehenge, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the mankind. No one knows for sure why it was built over 5000 years ago.

(L-R): Yasiru, Lalanga, Anuradha, Ranjan

Discussing where to visit next

One last look at the magnificent monument before we go

It's....feeding time (at someone's farm)!

Anuradha & cows at Newforest

New Forest National Park

"New Forest": however don't be deceived by the name. This forest is not at all new and was actually declared a forest as far back as in 1079 A.D.

Ranjan & Anuradha have taken an interest in a wild horse (or is it a pony? I can never tell them apart)

Anuradha trying to woo the horse. Didn't succeed.

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