Rome, Italy

June 2004 -
University Project

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Pizza searcho - Me, Brig.Nimal, Rashminda & Geoffrey

My groupo presenta

Chineso friendso

Vaticano Citia

Me in da Vaticano - St Peter's Square

Me in da Vaticano

Inside St Peter's Basilica

Pope's bodyguardso

Mappo Reado - For a moment we thought we were lost and Brigadier Nimal wanted to call in reinforcements

Castel Sant'Angelo, ancient fortress & castle

River Tiber flowing through Rome


Brigadier Nimal insisted that mounting a surprise attack on Gladiators in the Colosseum was our only way out. Situation Report to follow.

Here once stood the ancient Roman camp of Aquarium which was overrun by Gauls led by Asterix & Obelix. Ruins can still be seen in the background.

More ruinsso

Fontana-Di-Trevi (Fountain of Dreams) - ice coldo

"Pantheon", or the Temple of all the Gods, originally built under Roman empire.

Italian war memorial - "Piazza Venezia"

Gladiatoroes me finitho

My turn to murderria de Gladiatores

Colosseum - When asked, the remaining Gladiators said Russel Crowe was on Summer holiday

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