European Trip

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany & Netherlands
December 2003 - January 2004

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Ostende, Belgium - seaside

Brussels city centre, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

European Parliament, Brussels

European Parliament, with uncle


En route to Luxembourg

E411 - Motorway to Luxembourg

Luxembourg! Nicely decorated for Christmas!

Central Station, Luxembourg

Maama & me - Luxembourg

Central Station as seen from the hotel room opposite

Central Station at dawn, on the 1st January 2004

Central Bank of Luxembourg

The car we travelled in

Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge in Luxembourg. The views below are breathtaking!

Spectacular views from the Luxembourg city

Only 179 km to Koln, Germany

A motorway in Germany - They are known as "Autobhans"

Frankfurt, Germany

Underground train, Frankfurt

River Rhine, Bonn, Germany

The car park of the hotel in Volendam, near Amsterdam, Netherlands. The cars are literally parked in the sea.

This is the hotel we stayed over in Volendam, Amsterdam

Maama & nendi

A street in Volendam

Amsterdam city

Trams in Amsterdam

Waterways, like this one, are aplenty in Amsterdam

More waterways

..and more

Motorway from Amsterdam to The Hague. It had snowed a day ago.

International Court of Justice, in The Hague

Windmill (and me!) in The Hague

Still snowing moderately, on our way from The Hague to Rotterdam

Spectacular Brienenoord bridge - Rotterdam

Stepping on the gas to catch the ferry from Calais, France

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