April 2007

York, the capital city of the English county of Yorkshire has a rich Roman and Viking history and has been a main and an important city in the middle ages.

The city is well preserved and some parts are well representative of its past. It still has a few of the best-preserved medieval shopping streets in Europe (cobbled, of course) and many museums which, if explored properly, would take more than one day each. York is said to be one of the most haunted cities in Europe! The highlight of the tour was the very entertaining Ghost Hunt that took us along the dark alleyways and little-known paths hoping for an encounter with someone from the other side. Luckily, the spooks had other ideas and were not very keen on meeting us that day. It was full of fun, however.

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Clifford's Tower in the middle of York city

The tower of the castle of York. The castle had been dismantled but this tower remains. Built circa 1100 A.D.

Ice cream, anyone?

The itinerary of our trip, just in case we forgot what we came here for.

The inner walls of the Clifford's Tower. And also me.

Someone's cute doggie in the medieval shopping streets of York. I want one of those!

Stonegate, a medieval shopping street in York

The parents of the guy who tried to blow up the parliament lived here, so it says.

The majestic York Minster! Built 1472 AD (Completion)

York Minster - The largest Gothic Cathedral in the Northern Europe

York Minster - Part of the Western face

Interior of the York Minster

Stained glass in the minster - some date back to the 12th century!

Stained glass in the minster - there are 2 million individual pieces of glass that make up 128 stained-glass windows.

Just look at the sheer size of those windows! Bill Gates would have been impressed.

More Stained glass

Exterior of the York Minster. Built in the 15th century.

It's this way....er..no.. that way!

The minster as seen from the front

The future is bright, yes?

"You! You look scared already!" The ghost hunter scares a poor bloke who joined in the ghost hunt

"Should we hold hands and try to contact the living? Some of you look dead already! And the ghost hunt is yet to begin!"

"This house is haunted", explains Ian Addyman, our guide on the ghost hunt.

It appears that hundreds of years ago, a young girl fell from her bedroom window 2 storeys up, and her ghost still haunts the house. Crickey!

"The cellar of this house is where the Roman soldiers appeared on horseback, straight out of a brick wall".

Perhaps they were still on hot pursuit of Asterix and Obelix?

Clifford's Tower at night

York City Walls - built 12-14th century

York City Walls are built around the city and are a few miles in length.

Another section of the York City Walls - originally built by Romans in 71 AD and restored by Danes in 12-14th centuries.

View from the top of the walls

Ruins of St. Mary's Abbey in the Yorkshire Museum Gardens

The abbey dates back to circa 1086 AD.

Ruins of St mary's Abbey, Yorskhire Museum Gardens

Tee hee. It's us. Also the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey.

Gothic Archs of St. Mary's Abbey

Someone's sarcophagus they have managed to dig up! Tomb raiders!

An original viking boat dug up in York.

"Welcome to the dark side, my son. We've been waiting for you"

A figure in the Yorkshire Museum


Rare fossils of a croc dug up in York. About 15 feet from head to tail and nicely preserved. Steve Irwin would have been proud.

One of the oldest, oldest objects you could ever find in the whole of the universe: a piece of a 4.55 billion year old meteorite!

Age confirmed by Carbon dating.

The big daddy of modern trains - George Stephenson

National Railway Museum, the world's largest rail museum, in York.

A British Rail Class 41 locomotive, now retired and on display at the National Railway Museum, York

A blast from the past. Also, Thilini.

A selection of golden oldies on display

An old giant ripped open

The workshop - National Railway Museum


What the..? A peculiar sign from a rail carriage from Jurassic times

Inside "Shinkansen" the Japanese bullet train on display

Shinkansen - the bullet train from Japan

River Ouse, York

Boat, boats and more boats

York City Wall, another view closer to the station

River Ouse

Flower beds near the City Walls

The Humber Bridge, near Hull.

This is the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world. One and a quarter miles in length.

Humber Bridge joins Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (Seen in the distance)

Humber Bridge - completed 1981

The end of another trip. Also a nice place to end it.

Driving along the bridge

Still driving..... are we there yet?

Picturesque landscape, Linconshire

Landscape in Lincolnshire

Rapeseed field, Lincolnshire

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