August 2007

A long 3 months had gone by without a trip and we couldn't hold it off for any longer!

We spent three days wondering around the stunning national parks and green mountains of Wales.


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Big Pit - a coal mine in South Wales

This had been in operation during 1880 till 1980. Today it functions as a museum. We went underground too, where we were shown around by a real-life miner. However cameras and anything with dry-cell batteries were not allowed down below. So no pics. :(

Views of surrounding hills, near Big Pit, Blaenavon

Somewhere closer to Abergavenny

The Skirrid Mountain Inn - the oldest pub in Wales.

Listed in the chronicals from 1100 A.D. Not surprisingly, one of the most haunted pubs in the UK. At present time, it is said there are 2 resident ghosts in there. Fortunately, we did not stay there for long.

Stunning scenary on our way to Llanthoney

Defender of the nature

On our way to Hay-on-Wye

Horse-trekking in Brecon mountains

Breath-taking views of Brecon mountains


If you look closer, you may see sheep in the foreground, appearing as white dots.

And more...

... and more stunning views

Brecon town centre

Views on the way from Brecon to Cardiff

Tops were still covered in mist

Yoo hoo!

Beacons reservoir, on the A470 from Brecon to Cardiff

Beacons reservoir

An old viaduct, closer to Merthyr Tydfil

The Norman Keep of the Cardiff Castle

This is a medieval castle, transformed from Roman times.

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

Our plans for a walking tour in the stadium did not work out as it turned out to be a match day. Just our luck. Damn!

Views from Brynamman to LLangadog

One of the most picturesque drives in Wales

Towards LLangadog

Views towards Brynamman

There's no looking back

Caban-coch dam and reservoir, Rhayader

Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Llandudno town and the backdrop, as seen from the ocean road

Llandudno pier

Fishing in coloured waters

Ocean road, Great Olme

Ocean road, Great Olme

Views of the sea from Great Olme, Llandudno

Great Olme is a limestone headland in North Wales

Bronze Age copper mines in Great Olme, said to be the most important copper mines of the bronze age yet discovered.

Time was not on our side, so we had to give it a miss. I know, pathetic.

Conwy Castle, North Wales, built 1283 A.D.

On our way towards Bangor

Views of Llanberis

A steam train preparing to take us up the Snowdon Mountain. Yoo hoo!!

The ascent of the Snowdon mountain, the highest mountain in England & Wales.

The train has a maximum speed of 7.5 mph.

Views afar.

It takes about 50 minutes for the train to get to the top.

Mountain views aplenty. Yipee!!

Another train (a diesel-powered one this time) chugging along..

Another view..

Rockey Valley, on Snowdon mountain

We are almost there ...

Yet another look ...

Hooray! We are at the top.

(Well not quite, as the station at the summit of Snowdon Mountain is closed for refurbishment, and we are now stranded about 1/2 mile from the summit, but this is as good as it gets! Yipee Kay Yay!!)

The beast that took us to the top of the highest mountain in Britain.

Built in 1895 and still going strong.

Look closer and you will see tiny houses down below in the valley.

Another view across

And another breath-taking view..

Thilini is shivering from cold.

I was stupid to have come up the mountain only in a pair of shorts and a tee, but it is too late now.

Llanberis lake (near to the start of our train journey) seen far in the background.

We are now 5 miles from there. Up the highest mountain in England and Wales. Yoo hoo!!

(There are adventurous types who undertake the return journey on foot, which takes around 5-6 hours. May be next time.)

This is the farthest point a train can now travel. The track beyond is closed for repairs.

You can almost see the summit from here, it is no more than 1/2 mile from here. We could have gone up there, but we had a return train to catch.

Views of the Llanbesris pass are quite scenic!


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