Le Venezia
Oct 2007

Origins date back 2000 years, the current city was established around 800 A.D.

Twenty million visitors annually, in to a 6-km˛ piece of land. There are no roads for motor vehicles. Travelling/transport is only by foot, or by water boat. The original pizzas are so great-tasting you wouldn't ever again want to go for the crap sold at Pizza Hut.

Magical !


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A cruise liner approaching the lagoon

Palazzo Ducale and the Campanile tower as seen from the lagoon

Palazzo Ducale - the building where the adminsitration of Venice was run from for 500 years. Built in middle 1400's.

La Torre dell'Orologio (St Mark's Clock) near Piazza San Marco

Built 1499, restored a few times afterwards and still ticking!

The face of the clock. Originally built in 1499 AD.

A dome of Basilica di San Marco

Piazza San Marco, the Times Square and the Trafalgar Square of Venice

Murals of Basilica di San Marco

Campanile Tower at Piazza San Marco

St. Mark's square, where you can sit down to sip one of the most expensive cups of coffee in Europe

€ 12 a cup at some restaurants here!

And no, we didn't.

Piazza San Marco

A typical Venetian street

One of the 35 million canals in the city.

Gondolas, gondoliers and tourists.

The gondolier in the white shirt is texting on the job!

One of the 5 million bridges in Venice

Ok, not really that many, but countless.

A canal lined with typical buildings you would find in Venice

Fine Italian crafts on display. They are so exquisite, they make you cry.

Canals & boats

Campo Santa Stefano, another square

Gelato ice cream, anyone?

We were only expecting a cone, it turned out to be an entire meal on its own.


Santa Stefano church

Grand Canal, seen from the Accademia bridge

Grand canal and the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, seen from the Accademia bridge

The lagoon at dusk

Spend a sunset in Venice and it will make you a believer in fairy tales.

Gondola in the lagoon (St.Mark's basin)

Gondolas, ready to go.

Gothic architecture in Palazzo Ducale (or Doge's Palace), the ancient administration building of the city.

Palazzo Ducale

St. Mark's square, seen from the Campanile tower

St.Mark's square and the neighbourhood, seen from the Campanile Tower.

About 1/4 of the city of Venice can be seen in this pic.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, seen from the Campanile

St. Mark's basin (the lagoon) in a morning

St.Mark's basin

The domes of St.Mark's basilica

View towards Arsanale and the Lido, across the lagoon

The church of San Giorgio Maggiore to the right!

Piazza San Marco. And me.

Basilica di San Marco - The present building built in 1063 AD.

Said to be one of the best examples of Byzantyne Architecture, whatever that means.

A musician performing in Piazza San Marco

The entrance to the basilica

Architecture & murals

Traditional Venetian masks on display!

Rialto Bridge

Grand Canal seen from the Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal

This is the oldest bridge across the canal, this structure built in 1591 AD.

A closer look at a gondola

Godoliers wearing their uniform: a blue striped shirt and the boater hat

On one of the countless bridges

Walking is a breeze; navigating is not.

You will get lost and found every 5 minutes, even if you try to follow a map.

It, however, is a part of the whole Venetian experience, they say.

Half-empty or half-full?

Rio di San Girolamo, in the District of Cannaregio

For Sale !

A vaporetto (waterbus) full of passengers, plying the Grand Canal

Another vaporetto on the Grand Canal

Waterbuses are bulky beasts and cannot travel fast. If you walk fast, you would be able to catch up.

Since there are no land vehicles in Venice, waterbuses are the popular (or the only) mode of transport.

If you are suffering from aquaphobia, perhaps you should give up the waterbus and make the journey on foot (The only other means of travel). But really, if you are an aquaphobiac, you should not go to Venice in the first place.

Views of the Grand Canal

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

Sunset in Venice

Another vaporetto approaching from the island of Lido

Another view of the Venetian sunset

Basilica di San Marco. And me!

Gondolas, awaiting business

The island of Murano, about 10 minutes away from Venice

Murano, popular for its glass-blowing industry

It still produces beautiful glass ornaments & jewellery.

The island of Burano, about 50 mins from Venice

Burano is famous for its houses painted in the most contrasting and unusual colours.


Even more ludicrous colours!

Burano is also famous for its lace industry.

The main high street in the island of Burano

Fine wall-hangings on display

A vividly-painted row of houses in Burano

A Burano cat, wating for its owner to catch itself some fish!

The fisherman and his kitty

More outrageously coloured houses apently

Back in good old Venice

Walking from Fondamenta Nouve towards Rialto

Evening scenery near Rialto Bridge

Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge), the most famous pedestrian arch bridge in Venice

Rialto Bridge. Although this is not the original bridge built here, this structure dates back to 1591 AD, i.e.: more than 400 years ago !!

Built in stone.

Hitching a ride on a gondola along the canal!

Our gondolier, "Franco", took us aboard for a trip spanning half the length of the grand canal and back to the starting point via other narrow canals

Starting/ending point: Santa Maria dell Giglio, near Accademia.

Buildings along the grand canal

More buildings along the grand canal

Rialto seen in the distance

Along the narrow canals at night......

Piazza San Marco (St.Mark's Square) at night

An orchestra in full swing

Piazza San Marco

View from San Marco towards Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Undergoing restoration, hence covered in scaffoldings.

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, a small palace best known for its external spiral staircase with arches.

The structure dates from the 15th century.

Another leaning tower!

Inside the church Santa Maria Formosa

Another one of the 10,000 beautiful, ageing churches in Venice.

Church I Frari

Interior of the church San Polo

Interior of the church I.Frari, one of the biggest in Venice

I. Frari, one of the biggest churches in Venice

Closer to Piazzale Roma in the district of Santa Croce

"The Fish Merchant of Venice", the play that Shakespeare could never finish.

A vaporetto on the Giudecca canal

View of San Marco from the Canale di San Marco

These look like photographs, but they are not.

Stunning paintings for sale, Dorsoduro district

"Osteria Vivaldi", the friendliest restaurant in Venice

Rialto at night

View at night from Rialto

Rialto Bridge at night

The Bridge of Sighs, conencting interrogation rooms of the Palazzo Ducale and the adjoining prisons

A closer look at the Bridge of Sighs

The bridge name, given in the 19th century, comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice out the window before being taken down to their cells. (Wikepedia)

Courtyard of Palazzo Ducale

The Golden staircase of the Palazzo Ducale. So named because the ceiling above the staircase is plated in...er..gold.

View from Palazzo Ducale towards San Zaccaria & Arsenale

Isola di san Giorgio Maggiore, as seen from Palazzo Ducale

Bridge of Sighs as seen from the Doge's Palace

Inside the Palazzo Ducale

View from the Bridge of Sighs

Another church

The entrance to S. Giovanni e Paolo, the biggest church in Venice

A massive Venetian kitty!

Was up to no good when we first saw it, but quickly went into the "lie-low" or defensive mode when it realised it was under surveillance. See mischievous look and the way its trying to shy away from us in the last pic of the sequel !!

Arsenale, the shipyard and the naval port in the Venetian Empire. Now occupied by the Italian Navy.

View from the Arsenale towards the lagoon, along the canal "Rio dell Arsenale"




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