Sampath Bank g2g
July 2008

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Anuruddha, Sanjeewa & Ranoba

Two of my former partners-in-crime - Anuruddha & Anuradha

Anuruddha says he has nothing to do with the mass-disappearance of 'Please Speak' SWIFT messages from our former boss.

(The former boss couldn't attend this event)

All the gold reserves of Swarnamahal rests on this guy's broad shoulders.

Kamal, Niroshan & Bharatha enjoying a good old yarn

'The wrist-watch you sold me last week, it only shows the correct time twice a day - don't do it again!', says GB to a guilty-faced Niroshan.

Kamal cannot believe anyone could still fall for Niroshan's dirty tricks, after all these years.

Both share a sigh of relief and a laugh after Niroshan agrees on a 5 pct discount on his future sales to GB.

He would also refund to GB 5pct of the value of the faulty watch. Sounds a fair deal to me.

Arrival of the devils! Our beloved Damith and Tikka, a.k.a. Thilak

Anuruddha was eager to ask Mr. Polwatte if they distribute "Please Speak" msgs at Lake House too.

Thilak awaited the much-awaited song session to Anuradha's delight

Thilak is entertaining the crowds with "Raja-Rani" song

"Kelaniya ithihasa pothey rathu patin liyawuna.."

...while Chanaka & Lankara cannot hide their emotions, listening to Tikka's songs & entertainment

Lankara gen loku pachayak

Niroshan, Ranjan

My good old buddy, Ranjan

Kamal & me

It's been a hard day's night....

....then I held his head like this before punching him in the jaw.

....and then the leopard sprang at me, like this!!

I was ready for a fight, but there were only 9 people there, one less my magic number. So didn't fight.

Ranjan, Ranoba, Yasiru

"I sell the same mountain bike for 1000 rupees less, if you ask me"

....Let me see how many thugs I assulted last weekend in Singapore..

Sabhawe sina

"Lankra ayye, what does it mean when someone says he has done THIS in the weekend?"

Did I tell you how I narrowly escaped death when I came face-to-face with a unicorn, like this?

..and then I stopped the charging elephant with my bear hands, like this!

Old boys from the good old days at Sampath

Tikka's songs session continues...

Chamira, Kamal, Yasiru

"What, you fought with TEN people? That's nothing. I WORKED with you, now which one of those is the most challenging task?"

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Surely Damith isn't showing Mr. Polwatte the door?

Yet another historic get-together comes to an end.

Lankara is captured telling one of his action-packed tales.
Surely he was telling the story of how he single-handedly fought off TEN thugs....


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