November 2004

Royal Naval Museum, D-Day Museum & Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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Off to Portsmouth and Milinda is in the driving seat!

On the Motorway, M3, on our way to Portsmouth

The point in Portsmouth where Lord Nelson departed with his fleet of warships to face the French & the Spanish in the Battle of Trafalgar

Milinda & me

We're just in time! A hovercraft arriving from the Isle of Wight!

An anti-aircraft gun from WW2 - interesting!

Despite me insisting, the BBC guy wasn't interested in my account of the war

Milinda has found an unlikely companion

Can you really see it from here?

HMS Warrior - one of Nelson's prime warships used in the Battle of Trafalgar

HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's own battleship. The poor guy got shot on the upper deck and died a few days later. The battle was won, nevertheless.

Looks like a scene from "The Secret of the Unicorn" to me. Herge might have been very interested in some sketches.

It's...me, on the top deck of HMS Victory, the oldest surviving battleship in the whole world. We are about to see the spot where Nelson was shot.

HMS Victory at dusk. Also, Milinda & me.

Milinda seems interested in some model ships

The Master & Commander ...it's.....Russell Crowe!

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