Peak District II : The Two Valleys
August 2006

It's trip time of the year once again! It is not an exaggeration to say we were quite looking forward to this trip to Peak District, Derbyshire. The reason? We were stunned by the Peak District scenery we saw in our last trip to this area on the same day in August 2005. So here we go again...

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Cresswell Crags - The limestone valley

Cresswell Crags is abundant with rock formations, such as these. The entrances to the caves are grilled and locked in case an idiot gets stuck.

Trying my hand in drumming!

If I keep on practising like this for ten years, I will be able to become a drummer of reasonbale talent, I guess.

Cresswell Crags: another view.

Ananthayata Yana Paara Digey

Breathtaking scenery; near Eagle Stone, Baslow Edge

Near Eagle Stone, Baslow Edge

Stunning view of countryside from Baslow Edge

Another view. You really have to be there to appreciate the beauty!

Malith, official photographer of all our recent trips, including this one.

During this trip, Malith took a record number of 700 pictures in 2 days.

Oya koheda yanne?

Ananthayata Yana Paara Digey - II

Eagle Stone, Baslow Edge

On top of the world ?

Another stunning view of the landscape

More views

A.Y.P.D. -iii

View down below, from the Eagle Stone



More Gal.

Let's get away from all these rocks and flowers.

Peveril Castle - circa 1100 A.D.

This was a 10-minute climb from the ground level.

View of the valley below, from the Peveril Castle

Another view of nearby landscape.

Enjoying the views from Peveril Castle

Views from Peveril Castle

Ladybower Reservoir

Closer to Glossop, on A57

A57 to Glossop

I was here last year on the same day.

A stunning valley. somewhere closer to Kinder scout in the High Peak

Where we wound up for the day - Travelodge in Macclesfield.

Podi mahaththaya mahaththaya

How can one make up his mind to leave this area and return home?

Return of the Terminators

Blistering barnacles! Recognise these guys?

Scarecrows, somewhere near Kettleshulme, Derbyshire

What a stunning landscape!

No comment required.

No comment.

Hee hee. it's me, somewhere near Errwood reservoir.


Road through the woods, closer to Errwood reservoir

More scenary

Are we meant to laugh or cry?

Errwood reservoir

Errwood reservoir and the surrounding hills

Errwood reservoir and the surrounding hills

No, the image has not been photoshopped. This is what we saw from our own eyes.

And this image too.

And this. No manipulations. All pics are real.

On our way to Buxton, in the moors.

Want to join us? Baaaaaeeehhhh.

Climbing up to the Thor's cave is not for the faint-hearted.

The view from within the cave. We stayed outside, it was Malith who took the pic.

View from the cave

No comment required.

Despite the funny-sounding name, Ilam is one of the most beatutiful villages in the Peak.




Time to wind-up.

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