North Yorkshire Moors & Yorkshire Dales
May 2007

These are 2 beautiful national parks in Yorkshire, England. There are 13 of them altogether in England and Wales.
These huge parks are about 240 miles north from London; that's about 5 hours' driving.

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White cliffs at Flamborough Head, Bridlington, Yorkshire

Flamborough Head Light House, Bridlington

Flamborough Head

Rapeseed plantations, bursting with colour in the height of Spring

White Cliffs at North Landing, Flamborough

More rapeseed fields

Forge Valley, North York Moors national park

The official website states:

"Forge Valley was formed when melt waters, released from diminishing glaciers at the end of the last ice age, were unable to drain directly into the North Sea because of an ice dam at Scarborough. These rapidly cut down through the rock to form the gorge".

Forge Valley nature reserve

Forge Valley nature reserve, North York Moors national park

Forge Valley nature reserve

A female mallard and its cute ducklings

Thornton-le-dale, North Yorkshire

Dalby forest drive

A 9-mile toll road running through the Dalby forest.

Trees, trees and more trees and Nothing else. If you are a tree-lover, you'll love it.

Dalby forest drive

Dalby forest drive

Dalby Forest Drive

Somewhere in the Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest Drive

Dalby Forest Drive

Dalby Forest Drive

Dalby Forest

Bridestones, Dalby Forest

These strange-shaped rocks are found in the Grime Moors, after a 20 minute trek from the car park.

Bridestones, Grime Moor

Even more Bridestones

Wooden walkways in the Dalby Forest

Views from the Dalby forest drive

More trees

North Yorks countryside

Rosedale Abbey, a beautiful village right in the middle of the North York Moors.

We stayed over for 2 nights!

Aaahh! Danger Ahead!

Rosedale Chimney bank is a brutal climb, about 400 metres long, with 2 hair-pin bends added for good measure. Has gradients of 1:3 and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Together with the Hardknott Pass in the Lake District, these are the 2 steepest motorable roads in Britain.

View from the top of the Rosedale Chimney bank

Rosedale Chimney Bank - the end of the steep climb is seen.

Kilns of the Rosedale Ironworks. The factory has been functioning until 1971.

A mega-sized warning sign cautioning cyclists to dismount, when they are about to go downhill the Rosedale Chimney Bank.

Past the Rosedale Chimney Bank, towards Hutton-le-Hole

Helmsley, a beautiful little market town in the moors.

Helmsley Castle, blown up in 1644 during the English civil war.

Helmsley Castle entrance

Helmsley castle

Sutton Bank viewpoint

The view towards Thirsk from the Sutton Bank viewpoint

Roseberry Topping, Newton-under-Roseberry

360-degree views from the top. Unfortunately, we were running out of time and could not even start to climb it. Shame.

A typical view in the moors

One of the few historic crosses erected over the moors.

Nadine and Malc (not in the pic) of the Five Acre View, Rosedale Abbey, took good care of us for 2 days!

Hole of Horcum - one of the most photographed locations in the park.

Also called the Grand Canyon of England. This enormous natural amphitheatre is a massive quarter of a mile wide, a mile long and 600 feet deep! (from the official website)

All the way through the moors

360-degree views aplenty.

Driving down the Blue Bank, closer to Whitby. The North Sea can be barely seen in the pic.

The beatiuful town of Whitby!

This was where I enjoyed the most delicious serving of fish & chips I had ever enjoyed in England. And to think that the locals in these seaside towns and villages get to taste to freshest of the fresh. How unfair.


Robin Hood's Bay, south of Whitby

Robin Hood's Bay

The village of the Robin Hood's Bay

Towards Littlebeck

Littlebeck, a picturesque little village in the North of the Moors.

Somewhere closer to Littlebeck

somewhere closer to Littlebeck

Falling Foss waterfall, near Littlebeck.

This 30-feet waterfall is supposed to be spectacular in the wet season, we hear.

Stunning views across the moors

If you really keep count, you could easily count one milion of sheep here in the moors.


A misty morning in Aysgarth, Yorkshire Dales

Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales

Some scenes from "Robin Hood: the prince of theives" had been shot here.


Upper Falls, Aysgarth, Yorkshire Dales

Plenty to capture, even in the dense fog.

Somewhere in Yorkshire Dales

A typical English pub in the Yorkshire dales

An inalienable part of the life of the Englishman! People are furious that supermarket chains have put many local pubs out of business over the last few years.

Views in the Yorkshire Dales

Views in Yorkshire Dales

A typical view in the Yorkshire dales

Buttertubs Pass - one of the most spectacular roads in Britain, from Hawes to Thwaite in the Yorkshire Dales.

"The Buttertubs" that give this pass its name - a few metres deep limestone potholes

Ribblehead Viaduct - with 24 arches, the longest viaduct in Britain. Built in 1874.

Ribblehead Viaduct

Are we there yet?

Malham Tarn lake

Malham Tarn

Rocks near Malham Tarn

Malham Cove, a natural limestone formation

Brimham Rocks - amazing rock formations in Brimham Moor, Yorkshire

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks

Some more Brimham Rocks

Even more Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks. They really rock.

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