New Forest, Hampshire
December 2005

"New Forest". So this forest must be fairly new, right?

It has been commissioned in 1039 A.D., nearly 1000 years ago.
So why exactly is it called New Forest, then? I also have no idea, so if you find out please do me a favour and let me know.

We were visiting this not-so-new forest on the Boxing Day of 2005 mainly because this is an attraction where there is nothing much to do. It would suit us during this time of the year, especially when the days are getting shorter and shorter and when there is sunlight only for about 7 hours for the whole day. Before you could even finish your dessert after lunch, it starts getting darker for the sun to set around 4 o'clock. 

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Milinda, Thilini & Yasiru at New Forest.

There weren't many visitors to the forest on this day. No surprise there. Who would want to visit a forest on a frikkin' cold Boxing day in winter, except for a bunch of idiots like us?

Thilini, Yasiru & Malith, somewhere in New Forest

This is not actually New Forest, but somewhere pretty close by.

My good friend Milinda reckons people who drive off without paying at petrol stations should be beaten and thrown off this cliff.

Barton-on-Sea, nr Bournemouth


Cliffs at Barton-on-Sea

What a gloomy day. Part of the Isle of Wight is visible on the left side of the pic.

So that is what they call the Isle of Wight.

"There is no point wasting our time looking at this crap. Let's go"

Would you like a seat?

Barton-on-Sea cliffs, South England

Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch, South England

Milinda says this castle has been built in a location where there was a pre-historic petrol station.

Garden of Highcliffe Castle. Would be lovely in summer.

Now let's go see the sea.

Aha. So this is the sea. Good. Now let's go back, its freezing cold.

Don't get in to the water, it's bloody FREEZING !

The Beach. Starring Yasiru & Thilini.

Co-starred by Malith. Milinda as stunt/fight co-ordinator

Getting ourselves frozen in winter, this time in a different part of the New Forest.

Views are breathtaking, nevertheless.

Cricket? Are the English still interested in cricket after that 5-0 whitewash?

A road that runs through the forest

Another road running through the forest

Yasiru & Milinda

A lake full of ducks, geese and swans. Many people come here to feed them.

Red bull gives you wiiings. Or so they say. Now let's see if we can fly 100 miles back to London.

One final glimpse at the New Forest scenery

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