February 2010


This stunning coastal town is located somewhere around the half-way point between Melbourne and Portsea in the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria.

I can't get enough photos whenever I visit the picturesque Mornington with its views of colourful beach-boxes and boats bobbing on water; however only a selected few shown here for fear of boring the visitors to death.


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Resting seagulls

A bit north from the Schnapper Point

The southernmost pier at Schnapper Point, Mornington

Taking a well-earned rest

Parking meters. Make sure you pay and leave the ticket right-side up on the dashboard.

That said, unlike in Britain, you won't be vigorously persecuted for being 5 mins late getting back to your car. As you know, every fifth person you meet in the street of any British town is a parking attendant.

Parking meters

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