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National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the first stop of anyone keen on the naval past of Britain

Autumn Colours on the road to the Royal Observatory

Autumn colours. And me. Hee hee.

Canary Wharf, as seen from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich

The building with the pyramid-top is "One Canada Square", the tallest building in the UK with 50 storeys.

The one standing next is the Citibank building, the 2nd tallest in the UK together with the HSBC building that is the right-most of the 3 buildings in the middle. Both these buildings are said to have 45 floors.

Greenwich sunset

Greenwich Prime Meridean - 0' 0" Longitude here.

Thilini, with each leg on east and west hemispheres

Aye aye cap'n!

Canary Wharf at dusk

Courtyard of the Royal Observatory

The Prime Meridian - 0' 0" longitude

North Greenwich Tube station on the Jubilee Line

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