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Thames Flood Barrier - Woolwich, London

Thames Barrier -second largest movable flood barrier in the world

Canaray Wharf & the Millennium Dome seen not too far across the River Thames

The building with the pyramid-top is the tallest in the UK, with a mere 50 storeys.

Construction was completed in 1984.

The purpose of the flood barrier was, er.. to protect London from flooding.

There are nine "gates" in the barrier

Prior to the Thames barrier becoming operational, London had been prone to sudden tidal surges due to its relatively close proximity to the sea.

The barrier is built across a stretch 523 metres wide.

A close-up

A flood gate in maintenance mode, rotated above the river

Piers of the barrier - a view from the western side

The kitchen with a view - what I see when I peek out of my kitchen

Gloomy times, I know.

This day was much better


A park in Ealing

A British Airways Boeing 747-400 on its final approach to land at Heathrow Airport

As it says..

The state-of-the-art media centre at the ground

The pavillion at Lord's

Built 1889

The ground is named after its founder, Thomas Lord.

Views from the grand stand

The "upper-deck" and the media centre

Media centre was built in time for the 1999 WC, the first match of which, I am sure you remember, was ENG v SL.

The pitch in all its glory, despite the gloomy weather

The Victorian pavillion at the far end.

The grand stand

The entrance to the famous Long Room. This is also where players come out from the dressing room to the ground to play

Old Father Time - some say it's the Grim Reaper - removing bails from a wicket

Views from the media centre, from where it all gets reported.


Can you make out the famous slope across the ground?

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