Hull - Manchester - Leeds

December 2003

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Under the famous Humber Bridge in Hull, East Yorkshire

Humber Bridge was the world's longest suspension bridge since 1981 until 1998. Still it is the 4th longest in the world, at a span of 1.25 miles.

(Pic from Wikepedia)

Anuradha ponders what to do next when our car gave up on the motorway from Hull to Manchester

I was also thinking the same. Apparently.

Car came back to life and we are back in business! It is the motorway summit in England: No mean feat!

M62 Motorway, which runs horizontally across England, connecting the East and the West.

Anuradha insisted on drinking coffee using a straw.

It's me, explaning to Anuradha that his childish behaviour is unacceptable.

Somewhere in Manchester

Whoo Hoo! It's us, in Manchester city centre

In front of the Trafford Centre, one of the largest shopping centres in the UK

Trafford Centre, spread acorss some 150 acres

Anuradha is stunned by the Christmas lights of Trafford Centre

I am stunned too. Everybody is.

The musical group wants Anuradha to join them and do what he does best: sing Baila. Anuradha says he will consider.

Overlooking a part of the restaurant area of Trafford Centre.

Christmas decorations, again. (And also, me.)

An indoor water fountain (and me!)

Help! It's H U L K! (inside Warner Brothers store)

The two Scooby-Doo's were too happy to accompany me home.

Anuradha showing his kindness to (stuffed) canines

Somebody alert Neo! It's Agent Smith and his clones coming to kidnap him!

In a second, Agent Smith disappears, knowing he cannot fight me.

Finally I manage to strike a truce between humans and the evil doers from the Matrix

Destination: Leeds - on our way on the motorway

Royal Armouries Museum - Leeds

A Knight! from the Royal Armouries Museum

An ancient war is re-enacted

The ancient war-helmet bursts into laughter, seeing Anuradha's face

Looks like a scene from a movie set.

Considering the level of threat against us, we cannot take our security lightly.

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