Geelong, the Bellarine & Cape Schanck
Dec 2009

The tour around the Port Phillip bay. The full circle - leaving aside the ferry crossing from Queenscliff to Sorrento - is about 250 km.

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Geelong - the famous bollards

Geelong shore. And me.

Another set of bollards. This set is known as the 'Voluntary Rifle Band' and each bollard is about 7' in height.

The Voluntary Rifle band, Geelong

The Voluntary Rifle Band at the Geelong shorefront

Geelong shore

Geelong shore

Geelong shore

Decorative buoys placed at the Geelong shore.

Another bollard. This one is from a group of fishing folk.

Another bollard from the same group.

The set of "Swimmers" bollards, Geelong

View from the Cunningham pier

The Cunningham Pier, Geelong

The beach at Point Lonsdale. What is seen at the background is Point Nepean at the other side of the bay and about 3 km away from here.

The shortest route from here (Point Lonsdale) to Point Nepean (seen afar in the pic) would be to Queenscliff and then aboard the ferry to Sorrento.

And then drive a bit to the west to reach Point Nepean. However if you were to take the land route between these 2 closest points (which are only 3 km apart) it would be a 3 hour drive, covering about 250 km. That's roughly the distance from London to Sheffield.

The stunning beach at Point Lonsdale, Bellarine peninsula (West side of the bay)

This is Point Lonsdale in Bellarine Peninsula, and seen afar in the pic is Point Nepean in the Mornington Peninsula.

This treacherous stretch of water between the closest points of the two peninsulas is called 'The Rip' with dangerously shallow waters...

..and a rocky seabed. Many ships have been lost in these waters.

"The Rip" and Point Nepean in Mornington peninsula as seen from the Rip View Lookout at Point Lonsdale.

This is where the treacherous waters of the Bass Strait meets the Port Phillip bay.

The Rip View Lookout

A part of "The Rip"

The crossing from Queenscliff to Sorrento aboard the ferry. The crossing takes about 40 mins as it is not between the two closest points.

The top deck of the ferry

Cape Schanck lighthouse, at the tip of the Cape Schanck.

This lighthouse at Cape Schanck has stood here since 1859.

Cape Schanck and the Bass Strait

Yas at Cape Schanck

Cape Schanck and Bass Strait, another view

The old couple with Cape Schanck lighthouse in the backdrop.

The same Cape Schanck, a different view from a different vantage point.

The descent to the boardwalk at Cape Schanck

You beauty.

Boardwalk at Cape Schanck

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