Colchester Zoo
Colchester, Essex - August 2005

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(By the way, Colchester is the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain. Wonder what Asterix & Obelix had to say about that.)


Grrreeat Greedy Guts!

Prasanga, Malith & Sidath

"We are somewhere here in the zoo map"

Prasanga seemingly interested in a turtle-shell

Aquarium (not the Roman camp by the same name)

The August of the Pengiuns

Golden Lion Monkey: Surely its daddy is a Lion, just look at the face

Inside the walk-through aquarium, where seals swim over our heads

The big cat has smelt a rat

Thundering Typhoons! An Anteater! - Captain Haddock's friend from "The Prisoners of the Sun"

A chimp posing for cameras (and the lasses)

The giraffe wondered why it was shorter than the zoo visitors

Zebras crossing!

Yasiru, Thilini, Sandani & Sidath

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