Chippenham & Cheddar
Somerset, South-West England, July 2005

Why Chippenham, of all the places in England? Well, we wanted to visit the Fox Talbot museum (Fox Talbot was the founder of modern photography and also was the creator of the film negative) and that brought us to the beautiful Lacock village in the lovely Wiltshire countryside. No photography is allowed in the museum. Although we did manage to take a few pics without raising suspicions they will not be published here. 

The second attraction, the stunning gorge of Cheddar is about 30 miles away from Chippenham. It was not on our itinerary for the day and was a spontaneous visit. Cheddar is famous for its gorge (or canyon), the largest in England (and of course, its cheese).

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Lacock Abbey, built in 1232 AD

Getting ourselves photographed while getting a soaking in the downpour is what we really needed at this time

Lovely gardens of Lacock Abbey

Us posing in front of the entrance to the abbey

And it's still pouring! I am not surprised. Met department said it was going to be a bright sunny day.

The cloisters of the abbey. Some shots from "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets" were filmed here.

The outside of the abbey

"Harry Potter & the prisoners of the pebbled walkway"

It's us in Cheddar. This village is where the original Cheddar Cheese comes from.

Unusual geographic formations in the Cheddar Gorge, the largest gorge in the UK

Cheddar Gorge - near this place was where skeletal remains of the Cheddar Man (who lived 9000 years ago) were found.


I know these pics look boring, but don't blame me. You really have to see this place with your own eyes to appreciate this wonder of the nature.

More rocks for the Cheddar man to climb.

More rock formations


The beginning of the end of yet another trip, and time to drive 150 miles back to London.

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