Bath is a historic Roman city in South-West England. The city was named after its The city had been occupied by the Romans shortly after their invasion of England in 43 A.D.

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Above the main bath

The main bath. There had originally been an overhead roof which had been destroyed later, which has contributed to the algae growth.

Malith, our official photographer wanted to pose for a pic with a Roman Centurion

Imagine how this place might have looked like under the control of the Romans, 2000 years ago! They must have used hourglasses to time their laps.

Ave Caesar! The Gauls are preparing for an attack, your majesty! Get your eyes off the bloody bath and prepare the troops!

Offerings made to the goddess Minerva: all these items have been found in the bottom of baths in the compound.

Curses rolled and offered to Gods for their necessary action.

Inside the museum

Floor tiles used by Romans

True to its spirit, the water in hot water baths is really hot, all naturally.

Someone had generously thrown in a 20 Rupee note to a wishing well inside the compound

The city of Bath

Bath city, against the backdrop of nearby mountains

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