September 2008

A visit to the goldmines of the past at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

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A busy goldmine would have looked like this...

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat


Thilini, Nadee & Manesh

Manesh is taking the concept of a career change a bit too far

Yas & Manesh

Groceries on display

On display at the re-made shops from the gold rush of 19th century

Resident doctor's quarters at the gold mine (would have looked like this!)

Try your luck here washing the sand, a gold nugget might turn up with a bit of luck!

Sovereign Hill gold mines, Ballarat

Red Hill Gold Mine, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

The high street of the remade Sovereign Hill town

The resident saddler at Sovereign Hill, at your service

Saddler's works

Look! A bank! Cheaper by the dozen!!

Another section of the remade high street, Sovereign Hill

Buskers displaying their prowess

A blacksmith does what he does best

Soereign Hill Jelly, anyone?

Australian PoW memorial, Ballarat

Australian PoW memorial, Ballarat

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