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My gratitude, respect and admiration ....

I am grateful to the following people who have, intentionally or otherwise,
guided me at some point.
Blame them for what I am (and what I am not).


     My parents, for obvious reasons.

    The late Mr. Raja Alwis, the great teacher of mathematics, who dedicated his life
for students. Dear sir, we miss you.
Visit the Raja Alwis commemorative page!

    Ravichandran Banuthevan, (a.k.a. Ravi Banuthevan), the greatest motivator on earth.
Take a bow.

    Mohamed Adamaly, the best public speaker. Ever.

    Ranjan De Silva, who makes Advanced Level Chemistry the simplest and the easiest
subject to understand. Dear sir, those who set the question paper obviously hate you.

    W.A.Wijewardene, the best speaker you could ever listen to on anything and
everything related to banking and macro economics.

    Ajith Colonne, probably the best resource person in SL to teach you management.

    Ravi Molligoda, the best person you could ever get to teach you law.

    Prasad Polwatte, the best boss ever.

    Rohan Wirasekara, the best Scout Leader you could ever get.

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